Marketing With Spirit Affiliate Program Summary
Payment Type: Percentage Commission: 50% per Sale
Cookie Set (days): 6 months Payment: Tenth of Each Month
Payment method: Pay Pal PayPal Type: Batch-Payment
True love is helping others to see their highest potential

Do you want to make the world a better place AND make money?

Marketing With Spirit is a dynamic affiliate program that offers content rich eBooks and educational movies that combine spirituality, science and common sense. Our products are designed to remind people of their inherent spiritual nature, and the operation of universal laws that empower individuals.

If you are tired of being on a spiritual path and not having the prosperity you know you should have, here is your chance to change all that!

Our affiliate program offers you a chance to earn extra income by selling our products on your website. If you can open a web page and click a mouse, you have all of the skills necessary to work this affiliate program. If you have trouble, we will help you.

Of course, I can't guarantee you will have success. That depends on you and how much traffic you can get to your site. But I can assure you of one thing: once people begin to buy these products, they will tell others about them.

After millennia of conflict and war, people in the 21st century are desperate for information that can help them change their lives. They are tired of the fear-mongering that passes for news, and the same old bickering that passes for politics.

More and more people are stressed and frustrated. Our lives are getting more and more complicated and people are looking outside the box for answers. Marketing With Spirit products are the perfect solution.

There isn't a Magic Formula or a Secret or a Ten Step Program that will automatically make you richer and happier.

Sorry folks, that's just the way it is. If there was such a thing, some brainiac would have discovered it a long time ago.  The truth is that in order to make more money, or have a great relationship, or be happier, you must educate yourself and find your own path to success.

That's what Marketing With Spirit products are designed to do.

My name is Kenneth James Michael MacLean. I have written 9 books, four movies, and over 100 essays. The idea behind every one of my products is to remind you that you are more than just a meat body, that you are divine and that you have a powerful connection to Spirit. Once people get this idea, they can figure out who they are and what they want to do in life! Rather than attend a seminar that inspires you for a few days or weeks and then wears off, my idea is to network with spiritually aware people and promote content-rich products that empower people to FIND THEIR OWN WAY. The idea behind Marketing With Spirit is to make the world a better place AND share the wealth!

Marketing With Spirit is a dynamic affiliate program that offers fantastic eBooks and educational movies for the ever growing, spiritually aware community.

Our affiliate program:

  1. Pays 10th of the month to your PayPal account (No minimum)

  2. Our Hosting Company keeps accurate track of your sales and allows you to see how much you've sold

  3. Marketing With Spirit Offers 100% Affiliate protection. All Buy Now buttons on all sales pages are disabled. This means that buyers can't buy from Marketing With Spirit even if they want to. The only access to Marketing With Spirit is through your affiliate pages

  4. Is run by people with integrity who want you to make LOTS of sales and pay you LOTS of commissions!

Marketing With Spirit gives you EVERYTHING you need to promote and sell content-rich, spiritually uplifting material with just a few mouse clicks. If you know how to "cut and paste," you can get set up in far less time than you ever imagined. All you need is a web site! Our setup instructions are simple and easy to follow! It doesn't matter if you are an experienced internet marketer or a rank beginner. You can make this program work for you.

To sign up (free) and view the exciting Marketing With Spirit products, just click the button below.  Don't worry, we cherish your privacy, and your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence. We will NEVER give your email address to anyone for any reason.

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