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What if universal principles existed that were senior to man-made laws?

What would life be like if we applied to it the clarity and logic of universal principles?

Regardless of your station in life, you are subject to the laws of the universe. It's pretty simple: when you violate these laws you have trouble, and when you work with them, you have success. These laws apply not only in relationships between people, but are also mirrored in the physical laws of matter and energy.

As above, so below.

Despite mankind's penchant for isolating and studying things separately -- thereby losing perspective -- the universe operates synergistically (holistically). In Wholeness and the Implicate Order, physicist David Bohm expresses this concept within the context of quantum physics: "A centrally relevant change in descriptive order required in the quantum theory is thus the dropping of the notion of analysis of the world into relatively autonomous parts, separately existent but in interaction. Rather, the primary emphasis is now on undivided wholeness, (italics are the author's) in which the observing instrument is not separable from what is observed."

The mechanistic view of the universe claims that all things exist separately, and that the universe is just inexorably winding down after the Big Bang explosion. But even a computer must have an operating system, in order to regulate it's components so that programs may run and do useful work. If something as insignificant as a computer needs an operating system, then surely something as vast and beautifully organized as the universe must also. The computer also has a user interface that allows you to utilize the computer's components, and the universe does as well. These principles have been understood for thousands of years, and have modernly made their way into the public awareness.

In a collection of over 100 essays, Kenneth James Michael MacLean offers a new perspective on living by applying the five fundamental universal laws to every area of life.

Get REAL relief! (from the stress and craziness of life)

Why does our species seem to do everything backwards?
Want to stop terrorism?

Then let's start a war. If we kill enough suspected terrorists, that'll make 'em less likely to take up arms against us. Yeah right.

Want to ensure a prosperous work force?

Shove everybody into a one-size-fits-all school system where individual preferences are stifled. That ought to do it.

Want to have a booming economy?

Then let's spend more than we make to the tune of 11 trillion dollars. If we can debase our currency enough, that'll create a strong economy.

Oh boy.

The list of stupidities is almost endless.

Just because mankind's so-called leaders operate ass-backwards doesn't mean you and I have to buy into it.

It IS possible to live your life with clarity and understanding, despite all of the craziness surrounding you!

Experience the relief that clarity and understanding brings.

From politics and economics to just getting along in life, find out what happens when common sense and the clarity of the five fundamental universal principles are applied to every aspect of life.

I have had too much unsolicited positive feedback (I never write others and request praise) to list them all. But here's one that is representative: "I want to thank you for your writing on the Vibrational Universe. I am a believer in manifesting my reality and I never understood why positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones, although I took it for truth. You explained it and I'm grateful. Thank you"
Hope Nielson, President Nielson Construction Resources

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