How can you make money if you don't understand what money IS?

We all know what money is; it's dollars, right?

OK, but what is a "dollar?" If you look on a dollar bill it says, "Federal Reserve Note." Do you know what a note is?
Do you know what the Federal Reserve is?

It also says, "this note is legal tender for all debts public and private." What does that mean?

Everybody knows that the dollar is no longer backed by gold, silver, or anything valuable. So why is it accepted in exchange for valuable goods and services?

Do you really need to know this stuff?

Well, the more you understand about money the easier it will be to get it! If you don't know the menu's in a computer program, you won't be able to work the program. It's the same with money.

This little book explains the history of money; but more important than that, tells you what money really is.

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 What Is Money
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