Marketing With Spirit Affiliate Program Summary
Payment Type: Percentage Commission: 50% per Sale
Cookie Set (days): 6 months Payment: Tenth of Each Month
Payment method: Pay Pal PayPal Type: Batch-Payment
True love is helping others to see their highest potential

Affiliate Promotional Tools

These tools allow you to set up your own branded website with images of the products (just click on "Product Images"). There is HTML code you can insert on your pages that will show the product images, which are stored on our server.

The Sample Product Pages show you what the product page your subscribers will see when they go to buy the product.

We also have a complete product page you can put on your site. All you have to do is download it and insert your hoplinks for each product.

We also offer a book and movie promotion program. Just click on those links below.

I have included an HTML tutorial. Unfortunately you have to know a tiny bit of HTML to get things to work on any site.